I CAN’T AFFORD TO LOVE NY «–» the movie & tv show

YOU GOT TO BE BRAVE WHEN PRIDE IS ALL YOU GOT. No dream is for free & not all controversial IM/MIGRATION STORIES involve crossing roads & desserts, dealing with drugs & mules, or representing a terrorist in general. HERE, Homeland Security’s No. One Threat is a kind of SWISS FROM SWITZERLAND (not Sweden), HONEST, HIGHLY INTELLIGENT PERSON. A CREATIVE BREED. A FASHIONABLE FEMALE HERO. An IMMIGRANT IN HIGHHEELS WITH 8 HARD DRIVES IN HER BACKPACK & ALL THE CERTIFIED LEGAL PAPERS ONE MUST HAVE TO LEGITIMATELY ENTER AMERICA. Mysteriously, the one who then stucks at Customs & Border Protection for hours with the finger of a stranger in her ass, is OUR HERO HERE. Why – does the usual assassin-hijacker-bomber-dope-baroness-suspect not come from the land of banks with secrets, obligate health insurances, the best chocolate, cows & watches? Although, on the other hand, our hero does partially come from the land where Academy Award Winners get stinky finger, too.

The theme is THE DEVASTATION OF THE BIGGER I WITHIN THE CURSE OF BEING A BLEEDING HEART LOST IN IMMIGRATION. Major. Intense. Full of URBAN IMMIGRATION & LIFE OBSTACLES, giving you among so much other the taste of a can of cat food, as the only eatable thing in over 52 hours of famine. A time full of heart-rending testimonials, twisting in joviality & merriment. It will force moisture upon your face, while explaining the plausible, yet, ironically funny engagement of the dream.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. It’s highly physical & psychical. THE CITY IS A GIRL LIKE OUR HERO. It should be called BIG OVA NOT BIG APPLE, throws force-punches with glows made out deceitful visa-lawyers & incompetent agents, hits pelvises with yellow cabs & the jabs come out of restaurants in form of abusive, coked up to the last split hair waitresses who throw tables & knifes. Cross lefts & rights like bikes, bags & wallets robbers undercover on first dates. It kills with uppercuts where the real & surreal, the near & far get mixed up in everybody’s ideals so unpredictably straightforward.

I CAN’T AFFORD TO LOVE NY – BLEEDING HEARTS LOST IN IMMIGRATION future presentations by us. If you need more of a visual equation, it’s kind of like «Six Feet Under» meets «Gravity», «Die Hard» and «Californication» for lunch, flirting only a little bit with the 4th season of «Sex and the City».

Teaser graphics by Boris Gassmann.

a door will open ¡ maybe on a comfy sofa ! dress designed by Maria Dolores Lopez